Marketing Tools for Museums: Why You Need to Start Using SumoMe’s List Builder

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In the past six months, Museum Hack has grown our email list to over 10,000 subscribers…a 340% growth! We used a lot of different methods to build this list, but one of the most consistently successful tools we have tried is a free app called List Builder by SumoMe which we run on our website. 

This tool sends a little pop up message to people who are on your site, asking your website visitors if they would like to stay in touch with you and to enter their email address. We got a chance to go a little more in-depth about the uses of the tool with it’s creator, Noah Kagan, and we wanted to share some of the top things we learned. 

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Top 5 Things We’ve Learned About Using the List Builder From SumoMe

1. The timing of the pop up matters. You need the Pro account to set the time, but once you have it, you need to measure and test to see what works for your audience. Also rotate the pop ups, don’t have the same pop up every time

2. Design doesn’t really matter, but copy does. Size might matter depending on your audience, so make sure to check. These are the top four things that will effect whether people sign up or not: Timing, size, copy and design.

3. It isn’t the amount of subscribers you have. It is the quality of subscribers.

4. Create multiple pop ups using the pro tools. Try “smart” vs “not smart” and see what works better.

5. The Success Tab: Put in links! Send them to different pages on your website, or your Twitter profile, by adding a link into the success tab. Get them to connect with you while engagement is high.

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Want to learn more about different tools that you can start using right away to engage with your community? Send us an email! We’d love to help. 

Here’s another post we wrote about a cool tool for museum employees: Using Peek to find out what people REALLY think about your website.

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