4 Tips For Styling Your Museum Wedding

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Stories November 12, 2020 4 Tips For Styling Your Museum Wedding

Whether it’s an iconic gallery, renowned history exhibit, or interesting science center, people often choose a museum for their wedding because of the significance of what that museum represents to them.

The best advice when it comes to styling a museum wedding is to work with the abundance of visual eye candy that the museum already offers to enhance and highlight the museum’s inherent style.

It’s important to remember that every detail that goes into planning your wedding contributes to the overall picture of your ceremony – from the color of your plates to the choice of chairs.

Here are some tips on styling a museum wedding.

#1: Use the space for inspiration

Take inspiration from the exhibits in the museum and incorporate them into your planning and design. Part of the magic of having a museum wedding is the ability to extend the style of the museum collections into your own wedding vibe. For example, you can make miniature versions of exhibit items to use as centerpieces, or include an homage to an exhibit in the place cards, invitations or save-the-dates as a cute way to engage your guests with the theme of the museum.

#2: Decide on a color palette

Your color palette is incredibly important because it will guide your decision making for every other aspect of the wedding, from your choice of flowers and centerpieces to the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxedos.

If you’re holding your wedding in an art museum, you can work off of the available artwork to create a complementary color palette that brings your wedding to life. Some wedding designers advocate for as many as nine complementary color combinations, however most people focus on one central color with two or three other complementary shades.

#3: Work with the space

A museum has the potential to become an incredibly memorable and unique place for your nuptials depending on how you work with and optimize the space. For example, you could scout out a spot inside the museum, potentially surrounded by you or your partners’ favorite exhibit, to make your own aisle. Or, you can use museum exhibits and artwork as backdrops for photos instead of using a photo booth or creating a backdrop yourself.

For the aspects of the museum that you think may take away from the rest of your wedding decor, like information stations, emergency exit signs, loading docks, and built-in benches, you can look for creative ways to disguise them, like oversized floral arrangements, ceiling decorations or display boards that draw your guests’ focus.

#4: Lighting is Everything

Don’t underestimate the impact of lighting on the overall mood and tone of your wedding. Light can be used to highlight special areas or capture attention in the same way that your choice of color can.

Draw focus to important signage, wording, or artwork with spot-lighting, or use soft lanterns near walkways and entrances to make it clear how to move about the space. Or, create a unique halo effect on decor that you want to highlight by utilizing backlighting.

Above all, the most important thing to remember when styling your museum wedding is that you want to work with the museum’s architecture and exhibits as much as possible.

Choosing a museum as your wedding venue is a personal choice often based on what the museum represents, and you don’t want to take away from what drew you to the venue in the first place by going overboard in transforming the style of the venue!

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