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The words team building usually conjure up thoughts of companies and corporations, but the truth is, team building doesn’t have to be exclusive to businesses. Almost any group where people spend a lot of time together is a good candidate for a team building event, including students, sports teams, charities, church groups, and more. We recently had the chance to work our magic with a group of high school students at the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, and we couldn’t have had a better time on the tour!

Liberty High School brought a group of about three dozen participants to the museum for an unconventional tour of one of San Francisco’s best institutions. We took our team building tour for companies and optimized it to make it a great fit for a field trip for students.

Team Building with Museum Hack in San Francisco on Smartphones
Another group on a team building tour in San Francisco with Museum Hack.

The group went on our renegade museum tour, exploring the museum’s eclectic collections with our guides. Our staff related what they showed on the tour to what the students were studying back in the classroom. We weaved in customized stories about the pieces in the museum that tied directly back into the themes Liberty High School wanted to promote during their team building experience.

We also ran our favorite crowd-pleasing event: a competitive scavenger hunt through the museum’s galleries! The hunt was customized to Liberty High School’s values and teachings. The whole group got to go home with fun Polaroid photos from our awesome museum photo challenge.

We had a fantastic time with the students, but what did Liberty High School think of their event in San Francisco?

“We had a great time! We’ll probably be back next year.” – Alicia from Liberty High School

Check out Liberty High School’s full team building testimonial video:

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