Stretch Breaks and Energy Drinks: Lessons Learned From Our First All Day Museum Hack

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On a balmy Saturday in July, something miraculous happened: a crew of 16 museum lovers and four guides set out to spend a full day hacking museums.

Seven hours, two institutions and a case of 5 Hour Energy shots later, they emerged victorious. An All Day Museum Hack is no joke…  but how do you do it?

Survival Rule No. 1: Prepare thyself.

A full day of museums is basically an Olympic sport. Meals are a necessity, and a well-timed caffeine break helps keep you revved up. Consider taking a trip from our guide Zak and stretching lunge-style before your adventure. It helps with circulation, and makes you look badass.

Survival Rule No. 2: ACTIVITIES!

There is only so much time you can spend staring at paint on canvas or massive dino femurs. Mix it up! Take Instagram-worthy photos of taxidermy animals with googly eyes. Play matchmaker with paintings in a portrait gallery. A sensory exploration of abstract expressionism, which may or may include snacks? Standing and talking only goes so far – a day of museums requires full body engagement.

Survival Rule No. 3: Take Rests.

There is no need to see a whole museum in one day. (The T-Rex isn’t exactly going to walk away.) So, slow down and enjoy. Sit on the floor if you have to. Take lots of water and “bio” breaks. And, if you happen to have a massive park nearby, a brisk walk and some fresh air works wonders. (Also, PHOTO OP!)

Survival Rule No. 4: Don’t Go it Alone.

Museums are meant to be social, so be sure to BE social. Bring your friends, roommates, dates or (an advanced move) collect visitors in the museum who are as cool as you. Many minds make museums awesome. Be sure you have a bunch.

In summary…  Our crew of museum lovers conquered the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History in a day of epic hacking.

Want to join us? Click here to snag your ticket to our next All Day Museum Hack. (And use code “HACKIT” for $5 off your ticket!)

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