Why Storytelling Is Critical For Your Business

Carly Syms

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We fall in love with stories from a young age, whether it be through bedtime stories, acting out our imaginations with toys, or getting lost in Saturday morning cartoons. Storytelling never leaves us as we grow up; many of us still enjoy a great TV show, an incredible book, or sitting around talking with good friends.

But stories can have many unexpected roles, and one area where we believe stories can play a critical role is in business. In a recent article, “How Storytelling Can Change The Way We Do Business,” for The Huffington Post, Swati Joshi explored the underestimated connection between storytelling and business.

Joshi found that the emotions we experience when listening to good stories are all emotions that can enhance our lives at work. We’ve summarized her article below, finding that great storytelling is an underrated skill that can provide incredible value in the business world.

How Storytelling Can Change The Way We Do Business

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Stories help release dopamine into our bodies.

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