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MuseumNext Nick speaking

Museum Hack was invited to make a presentation at the MuseumNext conference in Geneva, Switzerland on April 21st, 2015. Nick Gray gave a talk about what we do differently and why.

Nick talked about:

  1. How and why Museum Hack started.
  2. The three things that make our tours different.
  3. Why we do what we do and how it re-engages audiences.

The talk encouraged museum professionals from around the world to engage, and re-engage audience who have fallen out of love with the museum. It sparked a lot of conversation, and attendees took to Twitter to share some of the ideas.

MuseumNext Nick talk

Here were some of our favorite tweets that were inspired by the talk:

“Boy can he tell a story! @MuseumHack “you look awesome in a museum!” Guides, games & gossip! #MuseumNext”
Bibi Bodegom (‏@bibibodegom)

“Nick Gray shows us how important love and enthusiasm are when reaching out to engage people. #MuseumNext @MuseumHack”
Mie Ellekilde ‏(@Mievelle)

“@MuseumHack is my favorite presentation so far. Great storytelling, fun and great ideas behind! #MuseumNext”
Gelya (‏@_Gelya_)

So much goodness from @MuseumHack but I was too engaged to tweet it. F***ING AWESOME #MuseumNext
John Sear ‏@DiscoStu_UK

MuseumNext photo of Ethan

The MuseumNext conference brought together people from around the world to talk about the future of museums. They shared ideas through a variety of talks and workshops, focusing on things like technology, engaging audiences and entrepreneurship in museums. We were delighted to give a fresh look on how museums can develop new audiences by changing disengaged visitors perspectives.

Reaching out to new audience is an important conversation to be having at the moment. It was clear from the conference that trying to cater to the same 20% of the population who are already visiting the museum is not where the big changes are going to happen. Our perspectives on how using things like social media (and selfies!) storytelling and games can make the museum experience fun and unique.

MuseumNext slide

We know there are a lot more conversations and developments that need to happen about how to make museums more appealing to those who don’t love museums., but we felt it was a great opportunity to start that conversation with museum professionals from around the world. It gets us one step closer to making everyone fall love museums!

Excerpt from video:

“Your speech woke up the whole audience. because it was very entertaining and well rehearse, well prepared. And I wish I can come to New York to have the same thing live soon!”
-Christoph, MuseumNext Attendee

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