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Our company founder Nick Gray spoke about Museum Hack at the Do Lectures on June 7, 2014 in Wales, United Kingdom.

Nick discussed how the company was founded and what makes Museum Hack tours very special. Most importantly, Nick talked about why museums matter and why Museum Hack is working hard to get a new audience excited about museums.

This speech will be posted on-line in the coming weeks, and we will share it when it’s ready. Here is a slide overview of Nick’s talk.

Museum Hack Talk at Do Lectures 2014

  • I didn’t always like museums.
  • Description of life-changing Museum experience in NYC.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Hosting my birthday party at the Met
  • One of my favorite objects
  • Starting Museum Hack to further the mission
  • What makes our tours special?
  • Our tour guides: The heart and soul of Museum Hack
  • Fast-paced tour agenda
  • Activities and Games
  • Interesting objects
  • Taboo subjects, such as: Expensive works of art
  • Customer feedback
  • Fun pictures inside the Museum
  • Date ideas
  • Summary: We do museum tours for people who don’t like museums
  • Low tech, high touch
  • Private company working in the public sphere
  • Our tours are totally different; we provide a non-institutional voice
  • Things you’d never hear from an official Museum tour guide
  • The highest compliment I’ve ever received after a tour
  • My favorite object at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Photographs by Nick Hand. Do you want Museum Hack to come speak at your conference? Or perhaps hire us for museum consulting work? Email to [email protected]

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