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This weekend is going to be our busiest weekend ever, thanks to the hard work of our guides Mark and Jen and Nick (that’s me!).

We are sold out for almost all of our tours.
Sold out means we have sold nine tickets per guide. 

I’m sorry if we were not able to accommodate you on a tour this weekend.

I have received many calls from groups of tourists wanting to book tickets. It makes me sad that we cannot take any more reservations.

Having small groups is important to us. We could make the groups larger, and make more money… but I don’t think that makes for a very good learning experience at the museum.

Museum Hack was started on the basis of doing small, private tours. 

We are hiring more guides to join us. But it takes a long time to interview and select and train the right type of people.

Thank you for your patience as we grow our business and respond to overwhelming demand. I believe it is a testament to the AWESOMENESS of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that so many people want to come have an adventure there!

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