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One of our favorite parts of our company team building events is the opportunity to do something new on each tour. We recognize that every company we host will have different interests, values, and needs, and we love crafting customized experiences that highlight the individuality of these businesses.

Last month, we got the chance to create an activity completely outside the box when we hosted Smule, a Bay Area app developing company, on an afternoon team building tour of the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco.

A fun day of team building in San Francisco with another group.
Our fabulous San Francisco guides enjoying a team building tour.

Smule is a company that creates music apps and Sing! Karaoke is one of their most popular downloads. In order to craft a team building experience that was completely unique to Smule, our guides developed an amazing outdoor activity for the group that centered around the use of their own app. We ran the event after the team’s tour inside the museum. It was an activity we’d never done before and will likely never do again, and that’s part of what makes the custom tours so engaging.

But the day wasn’t just about Smule’s products. The afternoon kicked off with a fun, unique tour of one of San Francisco’s best museums. We customized the tour based on Smule’s values, goals, and business needs. Our guides told stories that related to music in the museum and focused on the areas of company team building that Smule wanted to emphasize.

How did Smule enjoy their tour and what did they think of bringing their own app into the mix?

“It went great! We didn’t know what to expect. You guys are awesome! It was super fun.” – Jeannine form Smule

Check out the full video here:

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