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Some people think of Museum Hack as a museum tour company, and that’s cool — we do museum tours every day. But at our core Museum Hack is a team building company. That team could be your family, it could be a college graduating class, it could be a bachelorette party, and it could be a corporate group letting their employees unwind with a fun out-of-office event.

More and more companies realize the importance of team building. Fun activities are a proven metric for increasing employee satisfaction and output. Somewhat counter-intuitively, by getting your team OUT of the office, they will be happier and move productive when IN the office.

We can help you host activities that are fun and interesting for all ages, like museum tours and workshops.   

A group from Skaled recently came on one of our tours at the Met in NYC. In short, they had a blast.

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We had a BLAST!!!  We will definitely do a Museum Hack Team Building tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art again. Our guides made the experience amazing, and the special musical surprise pushed it over the top!
-Jake D., Skaled Business Consultants

Want to find out more about our museum adventures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Find out more here, or send us an email at [email protected].

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