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Two of our favorite bloggers recently gave us shout-outs that we wanted to share here.

Leo Babauta on Zen Habits said:

In New York City, definitely don’t miss Hack the Museum (sic). My friend Nick recently started these super fun tours of the Met, and I took my whole family, not because I like tours (I usually hate them), but because they make a normal museum experience into an extraordinary one. Highly recommended.

[source] Thanks Leo! Also be sure to read his testimonial including photos from his tour. If you’d like to schedule a private tour for your family, contact us.

Tynan also had something nice to say about us:

Speaking of the Met, check out my friend Nick’s new AWESOME museum tours: Museum Hack. His tours are completely responsible for me loving art.

[source] Whoa! That’s a huge compliment and one we don’t take lightly.

With rave reviews like these, you should totally sign up to explore the Met with us.

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