SFMOMA Hires Museum Hack for New Audio Guide

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We’re honored to be included as part of the new audio guide at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (“SFMOMA”). Read on to find out more about our collaboration!



We worked with SFMOMA to develop one of the unique tours for their new app. Rene Chun of Wired described our tour as “a Red Bull-paced tour designed for visitors who’d rather be playing GTA V.”

Our expert guides, Ethan Angelica and Lia Tamborra, led the project.ย  They worked with SFMOMA staff to select objects, conduct in-depth research, brainstorm tour routes, and create the audio included in the new app.ย  We’ll be sharing a full case study with all the juicy details soon, but wanted to acknowledge it here first.

SFMOMA’s new mobile app allows visitors to discover unique stories about their collections based on visitors’ personal preferences for engaging with art.ย  Co-developed with Detour, the SFMOMA app uses location-sensing technology to precisely triangulate visitors’ positions in the museum and adjust the audio guide accordingly.ย 

“Itโ€™s as if youโ€™re walking with two really good friends, one friend whoโ€™s got a story to tell, the other friend who actually knows where he is going.”

– Keir Winesmith, head of SFMOMA’s Web and digital platforms, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle.


Ethan Angelica in front of his favorite painting at the Met.
Ethan Angelica, Tour Guide and VIP Partnerships Coordinator.
Lia Funny Smile
Lia Tamborra, Creative Associate

Thank you to everyone at SFMOMA for including us and trusting us to deliver an awesome audio guide experience.ย  We’re excited to see it in action when SFMOMA reopens on May 14!

Ready to revamp your audio guides? Contact us to learn more about how we can help bring our unique style to your programs.

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