Why Setting Goals Will Help You Crush Your Team’s 2018 Resolutions

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In 2018, your only resolutions should be resolutions that are accompanied by goals.


Goals help get sh*t done.

Think of a resolution as a mission statement and a goal as an actionable set of deliverables to achieve that goal. You can hope that your sales numbers will increase, but unless you take tangible steps towards improving your sales, they’ll stay the same.

Setting goals should be the first thing you do not just every new year, but every new week and new day as well. Goals, even the ones you miss, produce positive results and keep your entire team working towards the same objective.

Not convinced just yet? Below are three reasons why you should set more goals with your team.

#1: The Team That Plans Together Stays Together

Increasing team member retention always contributes to the stability of a company, office or team. One way to keep your team in place is by including them in your planning and goal-setting process.

Start by having a meeting to discuss team goals, asking for feedback on goals that you set, and implementing that feedback. In addition, ask your team members what individual goals they would like to set moving forward. Not only will individual goal-setting give you a great insight as to what your team members are capable of, it will also make your team invested achieving their goals. The more invested your team is in their work, the more likely they are to stick around.

By way of example, we have bi-weekly marketing team meetings. In these meetings, we discuss goals, how to implement new strategies and how to improve upon current practices. We also reflect on our progress towards qualitative and quantitative goals we’ve set. For instance, as we ramp up our content strategy, we take the time to reflect on whether or not our work is meeting the standards we’ve set for ourselves.

#2: Goals Breed Accountability

Setting goals for your team is an incredible way to keep your team accountable. By their very nature, goals operate as a checklist, breaking down large tasks into bite-sized pieces. Not only does breaking down goals make achievement feel more attainable, it also allows for accountability within a task.

When a task is assigned to a group, there can be a tendency for certain team members to step up and lead the charge, while others take a back seat. Breaking down a goal into micro-tasks, and assigning each micro-task to a different team member, can help ensure that work is evenly spread out.

In addition, setting detailed goals helps with quality control. When you know which team member is responsible for each part of your goal, you know where to send work, encouragement or feedback. As a team leader, having a clear chain of command helps make sure that your team is moving in the right direction.

Want a practical way to keep each other accountable? Our marketing team has started using Podio, a task management platform. Podio allows for tasks to be assigned to a group or an individual, for micro-tasks to be created and for deadlines to be set. Not only can we set deadlines through Podio, we can ask questions and attach files, ensuring a smooth and accountable process throughout.

#3: Goals Track Progress and Pave the Road Forward

Tracking the success of your goals is a great way to decide the future of your company. Are you coming up short of your goals? It may be time to make a few strategic hires, adjust your focus or train your team further. Are you meeting or exceeding your goals? If so, it might be time to double down on the processes that are making your team successful and/or set more ambitious goals to achieve.

Our marketing team has recently settled on several key, specific items to monitor every month. These metrics inform tangible goals, and we can track our progress towards these goals through these metrics. If we’re meeting our targets, we’ll know we’re on track towards achieving our goals. If we don’t, we’ll know that we have to make some changes. What metrics do you and your team use to track goals?

Get Started

Goals should be inclusive, challenging, realistic and easy to measure. Goals will only help you as much as you are willing to invest in them, so make 2018 the year that you set goals, chase after them and exceed them.

In the comments, let us know what your 2018 goals are. Together, let’s make this year a productive one.

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