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Museum Hack is a team building company. We specialize in private museum tours that incorporate fun customized activities, games, and experiences that stimulate connections and creativity with your teams.

Recently the young and creative PR Firm, M Booth, came on a corporate tour with Museum Hack at the American Museum of Natural History here in NYC. As a sign of their innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, they wanted to use a science museum for creative inspiration!

Their event at the American Museum of Natural History was not only a load of fun, but hit their goal: giving the team fresh new perspectives.

“You HAVE to go on a Museum Hack tour. The guides were super knowledgeable and fun. #notaclient”
Lauren M, from M Booth

Usually when we think of creativity, we gravitate toward art museums – looking at artists and the work they create.  M Booth challenged us to think outside of our own box! The American Museum of Natural History was a special challenge for us.

M Booth is already a high-functioning and bonded team.  They didn’t need to “build team spirit,” nor was there a desire to “learn new skills.“

The sole goal was to share inspiration, to look at a traditional space in a new way, and to be able to weave that inspiration into their work.

M Booth tour AMNH science dinosaurs
M Booth tour attendees get their dino on!

This was one of the first times we gave a corporate tour at the American Museum of Natural History purely for “creative inspiration.” And it was as amazing as you might expect.

We are in in an age of “science is f**king awesome,” and tying together the mind blowing facts from the natural world and where we fit into it, can inspire young teams in a completely new way.

Our team building event at American Museum of Natural History was SO great! The office is still buzzing about it. The guides were just off-the-charts awesome and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Lauren M, from M Booth 

M Booth team building rock activity science
We got it!

Excerpt from a blog post M Booth wrote about the experience:


One of the reasons why we loved the tour so much was because Museum Hack gave us insider knowledge. Information we wouldn’t have known without them and information we can regurgitate next time we go back to the museum, making us seem like experts.

People like to be in the know, people like to be experts.

*What can we give to potential clients to make them feel like instant experts?

*What can we give to staff to make them feel like instant experts?

*How can we bring M Boother’s outside expertise into the workplace?

Read the whole blog post from MBOOTH here.

Do you want to come on a corporate event at the American Museum of Natural History with Museum Hack?

Call us at 646-801-5105, and we’ll work with you to customize an incredible tour for you and your team.


written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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