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We love helping people who don’t really love museums have a great time on a museum tour with us. Our mission is to help our audience feel more comfortable in these amazing spaces by engaging with them. We talk about their interests, tell crazy stories, and entertain them through our sassy, irreverent presentation style with the hope of reinventing their perception of museum spaces. Often, this fresh perspective comes as a surprise to our audience and they want to learn more about our methods. That’s where our storytelling workshops come in!

Earlier this year, a group of teachers wanted to learn about the way we engage our audiences, so they set up a team building tour and storytelling workshop in San Francisco to uncover the secrets we use to turn museum skeptics into museum believers. 

Museum Hack team building tours are great ways for groups of all data-lazy-sizes to gain a fresh perspective on the museum experience.
Museum Hack team building tours are great ways for groups of all sizes to gain a fresh perspective on the museum experience.

When The Teachers Become The Students

Every year, on the Friday before Memorial Day, sixty or so faculty and staff members at Marin Primary and Middle School take the opportunity to trade places with their students – to have fun and relax together as a group and be learners for a day. 

This year, school administration decided to take their staff on a Museum Hack tour of the de Young. They were excited about our group storytelling workshops in San Francisco because even though most of the team was made up of teachers, they didn’t all love being put on the spot. The collaborative nature of our storytelling workshops would allow the shier individuals the opportunity to contribute in new ways.

Our guides broke the large team down into smaller groups, leading them on tours through the de Young. We highlighted the crazy, cool stories behind the art and artifacts, led an awesome icebreaker exercise, and sent the groups on photo challenges, with each person going home with souvenir Polaroids. At the end of the museum tour, the guides led storytelling workshops for each small group. 

“This was the most amazing experience! This was mind-blowing, how much we learned!”

Marin Primary & Middle School’s staff tour was the perfect opportunity for the team to relax and unwind, hone their storytelling skills, and lay down their responsibilities as teachers and enjoy the opportunity to be learners once again. The group from Marin had a wonderful time, with even the quietest team members feeling comfortable and engaged! The group saw their colleagues in new and unexpected ways as they had a great time on the tour. 

Casey, one of our lead guides in San Francisco, caught up with Erin, a school administrator, to hear what she thought about the experience: 

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