San Francisco Bachelorette Party Review: “It was a blast!!”

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de Young Bachelorette Tour JUMP

Our de Young Bachelorette Party Private Tours are off the hook! We had a group of five sassy San Franciscans come to the museum for a specially curated tour of all the de Young’s sexiest pieces of art. Read on to find out what made the de Young Bachelorette Party Tour super fun. 

de Young Bachelorette Tour total artbitch

The bride-to-be had a ton positive things to say about the tour. We asked her to send us some feedback and she sent us this awesome message: 

My girlfriends and I decided to take a tour of the De Young Museum in San Francisco with Museum Hack to end my bachelorette weekend. It was a blast!! Our guide was hilarious, engaging, and super fun! It was everything we wanted for a bachelorette tour – raunchy, cheeky, and scandalous! Who knew art could be so much fun! Thanks for an awesome day!
Maureen S, Bride-to-Be


de Young Bachelorette Tour gearing up to cheer

Here are some hilarious photos of the bride-to-be and her friends having a great time at the de Young Museum: 
de Young Bachelorette Tour giving serious staresSerious busts get serious stares. 

Kate led the group on a slightly hungover, but awesome tour in the museum and here is what she had to say:

 “It was amazeballs! Everyone rallied after a long night and had a blast 🙂 So much FUN! The ladies loved the sunglasses, games, and the photo challenge. All in all, it was a super fun day. The girls were so f**ing cool! I was seriously wowed by how into it everyone got! And their matchmaker stories were so epic!”
-Kate Nickles, Tour Guide at Museum Hack

de Young Bachelorette Tour outside

Our VIP Bachelorette Parties get great reviews: here is what a recent guest had to say about her sister’s Bachelorette Party at the museum: 

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we absolutely loved the tour. My sister as well as the whole group could not be more pleased with Museum Hack. We can not stop recommending it to everyone after our experience. We loved the games and exploring the museum in a new way. It was definitely a bachelorette party to remember. I can not wait to try out your other tours!”
-Jen H.,   

Why so SeriousBachelorette outraged over a lion slaying. 

The tour took the party to see many things, but the groups favorites were:

  • The Penelope and Delilah statues (good wife vs. bad wife) 
  • New Guinea Penis Gourds
  • Bird Lives! (Fleshlights and 50 Shades of Grey!) 
  • The Courtship painting 

de Young Bachelorette Tour celebrate!It’s all about the bride-to-be! (and playing games, storytelling, and having a SUPER FUN time in the museum.)

Bachelorette Parties at the de Young are all about the unexpected: what’s more surprising than a super sexy museum tour? The guides are able to customize the tour to each bride and make it all about her. On top of learning a few things, you will never look at the museum the same way again. Plus, it’s a great place for fabulous pictures you can actually post (Grandma won’t get too offended!) 
de Young Bachelorette Tour sharing stories

We encourage our guest to take photos and share stories. 

The tours include loads of fun, themed games. For example, there are a ton of shirtless, stone hard hunks in the American galleries, so we play a game where we find the bride’s ex-boyfriends and do a photo shoot, while friends write her secret postcards (which we will send for you!)  
de Young Bachelorette Tour Sexy Ladies

One super gorgeous Bachelorette Party outside the museum. 

de Young Bachelorette Tour

Telling fantastically sexy stories is a huge part of these tours. 

The group was in the sculpture garden taking some photos and all of a sudden, Mo (Maureen S) stood in front of a bronze ball-man, bent over, and backed it up onto his lap! Kate said her jaw hit the floor and everyone was dying of laughter. The picture came out amazing because the statues seem to look like they are checking out dat ass!

de Young Bachelorette gone wildWe never said the tours were tame! The tours can get WILD.

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written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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