Sam Warnke Accepts Full-Time Operations Role

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We’re so happy to announce that Sam Warnke has accepted an offer to join Museum Hack in a full-time role as Operations Support Representative.

Sam Warnke, Operations Support Assistant

Sam is our Scheduling Champion for almost all of our public, private, and corporate tours across all cities. She reports to Tasia on the Operations team, while also working with Customer Service, Audience Development, and Marketing.

We asked Sam about her journey here at Museum Hack:

“I originally accepted an independent contractor role with Museum Hack last August because the position sounded like a perfect fit for my skills and interests — and I mean, museums really are f***ing awesome. It’s been an amazing ride since then! In January 2017 I was hired as a part-time employee to take over the scheduling operations. I love being part of the behind-the-scenes team, thinking creatively and solving puzzles to orchestrate awesome tours for our guests and clients. The Museum Hack family is seriously the best, and I’m SO excited to continue to grow with Museum Hack in a full-time role!” — Sam Warnke

There is so much that happens behind the scenes at Museum Hack to make our tours and scheduling and logistics happen. Here’s Sam again, telling us more about her role:

“Day-to-day, I tackle a lot of different things. That includes scheduling private, public, and corporate tours; scheduling special guests and coordinating their timing on tours; researching and booking travel for AudDev and ExCo projects; writing AudDev blog posts, writing blog posts for the bachelorette tour audience; auditing past blog content for accuracy; reviewing time sheets every other week; and whatever other tasks pop up that need doing in order to keep things ticking!” — Sam

We asked Sam to share her top three favorite Museum Hack memories so far.

  • Meeting and hanging out with the NYC team in January. It was so great flying to NYC and getting to meet some of the incredible people I work with every day!
  • Going on Museum Hack tours at the Met and the American Museum of Natural History! The chance to experience the same things our guests do on Museum Hack tours first-hand was a TOTAL game-changer.
  • Playing Werewolf in The Meatball Shop with my MH colleagues! Team building games and meatballs are a match made in heaven.

Congratulations, Sam! We’re so excited to have you with us full-time.

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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