Salter Frieze: Bachelorette Tours are “accessible, interesting, slightly scandalous, and fun”

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We love hosting classy bachelorette parties in Manhattan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Recently, a writer from Salter Frieze came to one our events, and wrote about on their site.

In between a lingerie shower and a private dinner, we did MUSEUM HACK at The Met. Two energetic, funny and insanely knowledgable tour guides made The Met accessible, interesting, slightly scandalous, and fun.
-Tamar, blogger for Salter Frieze

Read the full article here.

Walter Frieze Bachelorette tour photo

Would you like to find out more about how we can customize a sexy bachelorette party for a classy bride-to-be at the museum? Click here to read some testimonials, or email us to start planning!

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