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Thoughts on Textile Exhibition Interwoven Globe: The World Textile Trade 1500 – 1800
The newest exhibition at the Met is all about East meeting West in a shit storm of money, style, and decadent over-indulgence. 
Textiles–or, as the young people are calling them these days, sextiles–are in this season. Whether it’s because they’re the star of the Met’s newest exhibition Interwoven Globe,or the subject of Kanye’s leaked album Art History Yeezus, I guess we’ll never know. But you heard it here first: Textiles are hot, hip, trending on Twitter. They have millennial angst, the iPhone 5S, and a wacky meme that just won’t die. 

Photo credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

To put it in layman’s terms, textiles are more culturally relevant than if North West and Prince George had a baby, and that baby twerked with Robin Thicke at the VMAs. And this post is your invitation to be a part of something bigger than celebrity babies twerking. Refined Art Lovers of New York, you’re welcome.
Now here’s the breakdown of what’s makes this exhibit so special:
  • Travel the world, see all of the things. So maybe you didn’t read the beginning of this post. Maybe you just started reading right here, with these bullet points, because you’re a rebel and we like that. But the title of this exhibition is Interwoven Globe and naturally we’ll be using all of the Met’s 2 million square feet to give those kick-ass textiles the international historical context they deserve. Sorry, did we just say international historical context? We meant outrageous art-party. Could anything about this situation be better? “No,” said every person everywhere.
  • Treat yo’ self. If you don’t think that an exhibition with more than one $400,000 “coverlet” calls for a celebration of excess and over-the-top indulgence, then you need to turn off your computer, stop counting bars of gold, and go find the little orphan that’s going to teach your hardened heart to love. The textiles we’ll be joining are some of the most extravagantly and pointlessly beautiful art ever made. Just be ready to get in touch with that naughty part of you that would totally buy a quilt made of 18 karat gold if you’d made a fortune in the sixteenth century spice trade.
  • Knowledge. It’s like power, but more interesting. Are you ready for the 2013 Holiday Party Season? Well you will be. Because discussing the current exhibition at the Met is the lingua franca of small-talk in New York. And believe it or not, cocktail party anecdotes aren’t even among the main benefits of lifelong learning! Engaging with new subject material–textiles, for example–brings an increased sense of mental clarity and overall wellbeing. It’s good for your brain. And proves what the owner of object 1927.43 (silk tapestry embroidered with lapis lazuli and sapphires) knew all along: money can buy happiness if you spend it on the things that make you happy.
written with 💖 by Sam Warnke

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