A Night of Team Building at the Fraunces Tavern

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Team Building Resources November 19, 2019 A Night of Team Building at the Fraunces Tavern

Plans. They’re always changing, but luckily, our guides are great at improvisation and turning even the most unexpected situations into something awesome.

We recently had the pleasure of working with a team from RMS – Risk Management Solutions, a company founded in 1988 at Stanford University that helps financial institutions and other public organizations with risk recognition, planning, and management. What started with a few individuals has grown to a company of over 400 employees in 100 countries. With as many employees as RMS has, they understand the value of investing in team camaraderie and they wanted our help planning an unforgettable custom team bonding event for one of their departments.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Okay, maybe not exactly, but the weather was not working in anyone’s favor on the night we planned RMS’ team building event. After a day of conferences across the river in New Jersey, a team of around 20 RMS employees hopped on a ferry and sailed over to embark on a team building adventure at the Fraunces Tavern with our guides.

The Museum Hack team had spent hours searching for the best stories of the Tavern to put together an amazing tour and menu of team building activities for RMS. The rain, however, had other plans and delayed the group’s travels across the river. Not only was the evening’s team building schedule already off course, but this was also the first time any of our guides had ever led a team building event at the Fraunces Tavern. It was the perfect storm of potential team building chaos.

Averting a team building crisis

It might have been enough to sink many team building activities, but our guides adapt to Mother Nature’s challenges and put together a new schedule to ensure RMS’ tired team had an amazing time at George Washington’s old stomping grounds.

RMS employees performing a tableau vivant.
RMS employees performing a tableau vivant.

Always quick on their feet, our guides adjusted the tours they had planned accordingly to fit with the RMS team’s exhausted spirits. We led three mini-tours of the museum with each guide highlighting their favorite subject area. These tours included our usual cocktail of zany stories and juicy American Revolution gossip as well as some fun activities like the tableau vivant (an activity in which participants pose as characters of a painting, memorize their positions, and reeanct the painting later for the enjoyment and amusement of their other team members) to help RMS unwind and have some fun.

“The perfect evening event!”

What began as a group of individuals exhausted at the thought of having to do one more activity after a long, rainy day ended with a team laughing and bonding over the tours they had just experienced. RMS even insisted on buying the guides drinks and continued quizzing them on their knowledge of random trivia long after the tour was over.

The team’s coordinator mentioned that, even after arriving soggy from the rain, and having spent all day sitting in meetings:

“[Museum Hack] was the perfect evening event. It got the team moving, interacting, learning and, most importantly, laughing.”

With a wildly successful first team building event at the Fraunces Tavern in the books, our guides demonstrated their command of historical knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, their ability to customize an event to any group’s needs and adapt on the fly to meet whatever challenges may pop up along the way.


written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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