Revolutionize Your Museum Space Through Storytelling

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Corporate January 20, 2019 Revolutionize Your Museum Space Through Storytelling

There are Lowe’s home improvement stores all over the country, and while they’re a great place to find anything and everything you might need for your next home project, members of the leadership team at the highest levels of their company have a surprising passion that’s kept Lowe’s on the Fortune 500 list for years and years: innovation and storytelling.

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Through storytelling and innovation, you can change the way that your audience sees the objects in your collection.

Lowe’s company-wide passion for storytelling has enabled Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, to do everything from land deals for the company’s 3D-printing tools for astronauts on the International Space Station to create programs like Holoroom – a virtual reality experience that allows users to imagine what their living space would look like redesigned.

In an interview with, Nel said,

“The only real way that [people] ingest new information in a meaningful, long-term way and take action on that is through this uniquely human thing called story.”

In other words, innovation and storytelling can have a major impact on any company in any industry.

The ways Lowe’s has been changing the game through storytelling inspired Diana McKenzie, Chief Information Officer for Workday, a cloud software vendor.

“The power of being able to put that narrative together to get your audience to think about a different reality…seems like a brilliant approach that we’re not using much as we should” – Diana McKenzie

Having an innovative approach to storytelling can have a radical impact on museum spaces, as well.

Behind the collections of your museum is a different reality; a different time and place, a different school of thought. By telling the stories contained within the objects and the art in your museum, you can help your audience unlock this different reality and experience it in a way that’s life-changing.

The art and history contained within the hallowed halls of our museums are amazing and dramatic and crazy and wonderful, and by connecting your audience to these artifacts through innovative storytelling techniques, you can change the way they think about their own life and the things they create in an entirely new light.

Kyle Nel and Lowe’s used their innovation and drive to tell stories to revolutionize their company beyond simply a hardware store. In what ways can you and your team use innovative storytelling to revolutionize your museum space?

If you want help getting together ideas and putting them into practice, contact our audience development team! Email them at [email protected]

written with 💖 by Cody Nailor

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