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Shiseido Americas

“The team had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend the experience. Very enjoyable and the guides were great, very well versed in the history of the museum.” -Emelia, Shiseido Americas


“The event was a huge success and my team loved it. I did post on Yelp 5 stars and a positive review. A lot said they are excited to possible do this with their families in the future. We did receive one picture, but if there are more, please send

Webstaurant Store

“We had a great time! Both tour guides were great and I heard really positive feedback from our whole group on our train ride back to Lancaster.” -Andrew Stoltzfus

Special Events And Entertainment Team

“It was wonderful! The team had a great time and it was a perfect start to our meeting. It served the exact purpose we needed it to and made everyone very comfortable with each other before heading into a 2-day meeting. Brooke and Kiernan were amazing guides and were highly

Little Spoon

“We had THE best time. Thanks again so so much for your help.” -Michelle Muller, Little Spoon | Co-Founder + Chief Mom

Corporate Team Building Event

“The team loved the experience. I think our only complaint was that it was so short! We definitely left them wanting more. It was the perfect pick-me-up after a long day stuck in a conference room and a great opportunity to spend time with team members we don’t frequently get

Mark Fisher Fitness

“Our team at MFF absolutely LOVED our time with Zak, Kristina and Nate. They were all friendly, hilarious, knowledgeable, efficient, kind, and lovely. I’ve had many staff members say that it was the most fun they’ve ever had a museum, they weren’t expecting to enjoy it that much, and that

Council for Economic Education

“We all had such a great time and we enjoyed the tour a lot! I only heard good comments from my colleagues! 💥” -Georgia Reichert of the Council for Economic Education

Pharmaceutical Company Team Building

“We had a great experience with Lindsay. I have a team of mature data-driven medical professionals, some of whom are regular visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; all of them loved the experience and everybody gained new insights. Lindsay made it fun and challenged our assumptions. I would definitely


“We all really enjoyed it and Caroline was a great guide! It was a lot of fun and the stories really stuck with us!” -Fernanda Lunes, ICANN