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Diana Montano is Museum Hack’s “jill-of-all-trades.” She helps out with tours of all sizes in a variety of different ways, from pouring wine for Bachelorettes, to making amazing and quick videos on our tours.  Recently, she attended the Teens at the Met, an event created to engage local teens at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Today, she shares her experience from the event with you! How does a giant, encyclopedic art museum get teens to have fun, experiment, and think differently about art and the museum space? By breaking the rules and letting them run the show!

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That’s exactly what The Met did on Friday, June 5th from 5-8pm as part of their Teens Take the Met event. Not only were teens an integral part of the planning process, but the various events, programs, and activities were interactive, versatile, and engaging for so many different kinds of teens. As a company which values its ability to customize experiences and create an interactive experience in a space typically seen as static and stale, we were so excited to share the evening with these amazing 11-18 year olds!

Here are my favorite parts:

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This interactive sculpture which played Medieval music when people sat together on the piece! The artist, who is a museum intern, conceived, created, and commissioned the music specifically for this piece. The musician recorded each of the four parts separately, so that the entire piece would only be heard if four people worked together and sat on the piece to make it play. It was amazing to not only see what a teen could do to transform such a high-profile space in the museum, but that the museum was so supportive of her project!

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The huge variety of activities and events that were available! There was a photobooth, 3D printing station, an area to create your own claymation, free audio guides, interactive art, life drawing sessions, theater and improv groups actually being LOUD… Every teen had a chance to walk around and find something that excited and inspired them, got them interacting with museum interns or their friends, or gave them a chance to be expressive in the museum space.

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Have you heard that teens can be passionate, articulate, and hilarious? Give them some colored pencils, a prompt and some paper and they’ll prove it. Teens Take the Met is not only an awesome time for teens to create the kinds of experiences they want to have in museums, it’s also a time for others – museum employees, visitors, guards – to see the space as one that can be relevant and engaging to all audiences. With a few tweaks and a little collaboration, teens successfully took over the Met and made it their own for the night. Who knows what they’ll do next? Check out our Snapchat feed from Teens Take the Met 2015!  -Diana Montano, June 2015 Want more? Read our guest review from an independent teen journalist who attended ‘Teens take the Met’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last fall:  Review of Teens Take the Met

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