A Review of Our Met Un-Highlights Tour: “I Had A Blast!”

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Our Un-Highlights tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is one of our longest-running tours. It still warms our heart when guests take the time to let us know about their museum experience!
A group on tour at the Met.
A group on tour at the Met.

Just after New Years’, we received a wonderful note from an Un-Highlights attendee, who took a Wednesday afternoon tour with us.
“I am writing to let you know that I had a blast on the MH tour of the Met yesterday with Frank. I’ve said it before to people, and really feel it’s true, that what makes this form of interpretation great is that it is built on genuine love and appreciation, real life inspiration. Rather than decades of research. It was really like touring with a friend and felt very personal.

I also appreciated that Frank took a moment to stop by a painting that influenced my life almost 2 decades ago (Joan of Arc). He didn’t alter the plan or make a scene. He simply and strategically paused to allow the group to catch up, right in front of it. It made my day! When I worked at Disney World (yep, I did!), we cast members called that “making magic.” (Evidence: Attached photo of me smiling way too hard.)

Please pass my gratitude on to Frank and his supervisors. We will be recommending this tour to friends, for sure.

And, thank you for thinking outside of the box!” – Charity

Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Charity, and for taking the time to let us know how it went!
To learn more about our Un-Highlights tour at the Met (or any of the other museums we tour in!), check out our calendar here!
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