Round up of our most popular recent Art Humor

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In this post, we’ve gathered up some of our most popular mashups and recent art humor.

We hope it will give you a smile!

Starry Mario

Nintendo's Mario meets Van Gogh's Starry Night
Nintendo’s Mario meets Van Gogh’s Starry Night

B*tch, I was born FABULOUS

"Portrait of François Boucher" by Gustaf Lundberg
“Portrait of François Boucher” by Gustaf Lundberg

Edward Hopper Meets Social Media

Nadya Nudnik + Edward Hooper
Edward Hopper’s “Summer Evening” adapted by Nastya Nudnik

This Has Been Tweaked

Based on "Gabrielle d'Estrées et Une de Ses Sœurs"
Based on “Gabrielle d’Estrées et Une de Ses Sœurs”

Access is Next to Godliness


Medieval Art + Art History Snap Chat

Morning on the Subway

"Procession of the Magi" by Benozzo Gozzoli
Based on “Procession of the Magi” by Benozzo Gozzoli

Tell Us How You Really Feel

"Dama del Llengot" by Gerard Mas
“Dama del Llengot” by Gerard Mas


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