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We love reading about museums in blogs, articles, and journals.  There are so many great ideas being discussed that have the potential to help museums become more relevant, engaging institutions.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent articles whose ideas and insights are helping to shape a brighter future for museums.  Read on to find inspiration for strengthening your existing programs and relationships with visitors.

Design Briefs: Art Museum as Innovation Incubator

The Grand Rapids Art Museum has been pioneering a new role for their institution: innovation incubator.  In this guest post, John Carfagno, Director of Learning and Audience Engagement, discusses their Design Briefs program, which showcases the driving factors of successful enterprises through artifacts while helping emerging start-ups work through challenges and achieve strategic goals.  Read the full article here.

Futurist Friday: Inspiring the Next Generation

Another awesome post from the Future of Museums blog this month focused on how museums can inspire children to fall in love with working at museums.  The post featured a wonderful video that both commemorates Bill Stanley, former director of the Collections Center at the Field Museum, while showcasing how creating meaningful experiences can inspire children to love – and pursue a career in – museums.  See the video and read the full article here.

Twitter as a Tool for Visiting Museums

Marina Gross-Hay recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art – and used Twitter to structure her entire experience.  Her roundup of tweets about objects, how they were displayed, and how she interacted with them provides a powerful model for audience engagement, revealing that deep engagement is possible with social media.  Could you develop a program that invites visitors to tweet during their entire visit?  Read the full article here.

Puppies, Students, & Trivia: 5 Ideas to Engage Your Community

We’re heard a lot about cats in museums…but what about puppies?  The AASLH blog recently explored five awesome ideas for reaching new audiences, including hosting an adoption event at the museum!  We think this is a great way to not only attract audiences, but to also give back to our communities and help our furry friends in need.  Check out the puppies and other ideas here.

What Does Your Museum Make Possible?

Remembering David Carr, a visionary who saw museums as spaces of infinite possibilities, Jeanne Vergeront recently explored fifteen things that museums make possible for individuals.  She also invited us to think about what museums, their collections, and their programs can do to be more inspiring, motivating, transforming, and challenging to their visitors.  Read the full article here.

More Great Reads

There are so many great ideas about museums being shared.  Here’s more articles we loved reading this month:

Small Museum Makes its Mark on the Twitterverse” explores how the Chemung County Historical Society has used Mark the Mammoth to make huge strides on Twitter!

To Succeed in Business, Major in Art History” makes the case for art history as a relevant and meaningful degree for the 21st Century, and we couldn’t agree more!

Off the Beat and Into a Museum: Art Helps Police Officers Learn to Look” showcases how New York City police officers are using art museum visits as a way to improve their on-the-job skills for crime investigation.

The Future of Museums (According to One Woman)” continues the awesome conversation we saw at AAM about women in museums, by exploring what the future of museums looks like entirely curated from the perspective of women.

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