Top 3 Reasons Queensland Museum is a Teen Hotspot

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We went to Queensland, Australia to talk about engaging new audiences in museums. While Nick was talking with Suzanne Misso, she told him that they had noticed that the museum had become a hotspot for teen couples.

Top 3 Reasons Queensland Museum is a Teen Hotspot

1. Its a safe, free place
One thing that makes the museum so appealing is that is safe and free. Both teens and their parents feel it is non-threatening (no drinking!) They are in public, but they still feel like it is semi-private, so they can get to know each other, with out feel intimidated or pressured. Also, since the museum has a free admission- it fits their minimal budgets.

2. There are things to talk about and do
Queensland Museums sets up a ton of activities, they can get involved and have things to do. But aside from the activities, the museum provides a great place for them to get talking- not only about the exhibits, but about art and music. Nerdy is cool now.

3. Lots of nooks and crannies for privacy.
Even though itโ€™s a public space, the museum is perfect because there are a lot of little places they can go to be private, itโ€™s a great combination.

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