PureWow: Unhighlights of the Met is “the best way to see art in NYC”

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NYC Metropolitan Temple of Dendur
Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

PureWow is a women’s lifestyle destination that shares the best of fashion, food, exercise and more. The PureWow team also cares deeply about fostering bonding and communication with their employees. They understand: a team that plays hard together also works hard together.

A fun group from PureWow came on a team building tour with us in February, 2015. After having a fantastic time exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art with our guides, their “custom made team bonding activity,” they wrote a great review about their group tour on their blog. In their words, Museum Hack is “the best way to see art in NYC.” We are flattered! Check out a longer snippet from the testimonial:

Here to liven things up is Museum Hack, a company offering renegade tours at the Met and the Museum of Natural History. Led by experienced guides well versed in art history, it’s a way to see the works through a fun and refreshing new lens. At a recent tour of the Met, our guide was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and playfully raunchy. Packed with sex, scandal and debauchery, hers was an insider-y look at the seemingly buttoned-up art world.
-PowWow New York

Click here for the full article: MuseumHack is Not Your Typical Tour Guide.

purewow team building unhighlights event

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