The Privatization of Museum Education

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For hundreds of years, museums have relied on wealthy benefactors to contribute to their galleries, management and bank accounts.

But increasingly it’s private companies that are making major contributions to museums. This includes technology, security, education, marketing and more.

Today’s post highlights the changing face of education in the museum. It talks about how outside companies (like Museum Hack) are coming into the museum to help increase engagement and bring in new audiences. It is a quick summary based on The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Museum Edition.

Download the PDF version of this summary here. 

Privatization Rise of Private Companies in Museum Education title

Privatization Recently a number of private companies and startups have been working with or alongside museums on education-centric goals

Privatization The private sector is progressively shaping the future of museums by deepening the public's interest in cultural heritage

Privatization Smartphones, apps, and social media networks are transforming education and interpretation by engaging visitors where they are

Privatization Museums and for profit enterprises have parallel missions of leading people's discovery and understanding of cultural heritage and art

Privatization Museums are using educational products offered by private companies adding them to the museums infrastructure or using them for interpretation

Privatization Some museums use the educational products a la carte while others have been engaged with private companies on a much deeper level

Privatization NMC Horizons report credits


Download the PDF version of this summary here. 

The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Museum Edition”  is a collaborative report created by The New Media Consortium and Balboa Park Online Collaborative, and covers the major trends in the museum industry in 2015.

Find out about our consulting work with museums, or send us an email to find out more about how we can help your institution with audience development.


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