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Team Building tour in rotunda National Gallery of Art
Ready to start private tours at the National Gallery of Art.

We have started offering company team building events at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.! These events include a mix of passionate storytelling and fun bonding activities, using this world renown art gallery as the perfect venue for a fun and unique off-site outing. Here is what Elise, the event organizer for the Hilton team, had to say about the event.

We had a wonderful time. Several people have already told me that they want to go again on a regular ticketed tour with friends or family. I will absolutely be looking in to the “Little Hackers” to take my kids in the future and will take a tour in New York next time. I even got a comment from one team member that said he was really skeptical about spending 3 hours walking around an art museum but he found it really engaging and had a really fun time!

National Gallery of Art team building tour art history
Learn art history while team building at the National Gallery.

I especially appreciated getting some of the background on the art that your average person wouldn’t know just by looking at it.

National Gallery family art engagement team building tour
Molly shares her family while engaging with art in the National Gallery.

Hearing Molly’s perspective on pieces, including which were her favorite, added a great dimension to the tour. I am not convinced that “ugly americans” are the coolest thing at the National Gallery, but I do have a whole new appreciation for those (…creepy) kids than I would have before!

-Elise M., for Hilton Hotels and Resorts

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