A great adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Museum Hack is a team building company. We generally work with teams of 2 to 30 people, but sometimes much larger (and very seldom smaller :-)). Our team bonding activities are awesome fun for a range of groups, including corporate teams, families, bachelorette parties, and college graduating classes.

Our events prioritize FUN and ENERGY, so that your team can bond together in a different environment then they have at work. When your team attends a Museum Hack tour or workshop (usually indoor), they will have fun together and head back to the office ready to work.

And sometimes we do REALLY big groups. It’s not every day we get to host 120 people for an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But last month, we had the opportunity when a nation wide clothing retailer got in contact with us and asked us to do an event with their team. With expert planning and organization from one of our lead guides, Jessye, the event was a success!

“We had a fantastic time! This was such a great adventure for us – everyone truly enjoyed our team building event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thank you for making this evening such a success!”
—Margarete,  Manager of Operations, New York Buying Office, National Retail Chain

Tour group in Met

All hands up for museums!
Who’s ready for a Museum Hack tour?
Small tour group Met
Breaking out into smaller groups fosters better team bonding.

The 12 guides led 6 groups all over the Met. Each group had a totally unique experience! With 6 groups roaming at once, we really took over the entire Met. This was definitely a tour where guides got to cover their personal all-star pieces in their favorite parts of the museum.  Everybody got a peek of the semi-hidden, under-visited Musical Instruments department, for a super special musical surprise, and a European painting that either made them gasp or giggle (or both!) 

Post-Tour group photo

We love doing events for businesses-whether it is a group of four, or a hundred and twenty. We can customize the event based on what you are interested in. Email us to find our more. 

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