3 Ways Podcasts Are Changing the Storytelling Game

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Corporate January 10, 2020 3 Ways Podcasts Are Changing the Storytelling Game

Video killed the radio star, until the radio star’s younger cousin, the podcast, came of age and sought revenge on its family member’s death.

In other words…

Podcasts are truly changing the game for storytelling.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, let me catch you up to speed. Podcasts, digital audio files that users can download on their phones or computers, have experienced a huge surge in growth since 2015.

These days, companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing podcasts as a new storytelling medium.

But why?

Companies from Reebok to Goldman Sachs are all using podcasts as a way to share about their brand. Here are three reasons why.

#1: The Content Possibilities Are Endless

Podcasts can take all shapes, sizes, and forms. Some are hour-long investigative deep dives, others are 25-minute interviews, and still, others are completely fictionalized serial content.

Basically, the podcast possibilities are endless. The flexibility of a podcast allows companies to be creative about telling their story in the best way possible.

#2: Distribution Is Expanding

An estimated 57 million Americans (or 21% of the country’s population) listen to podcasts. And that number is steadily on the rise.

Companies like Spotify have jumped into the podcasting game, which means that every more people have access to these unique stories. With such untapped potential and numbers on the rise, podcasts are a great way for companies to reach their customers in unique ways.

#3: Podcasts Allow Companies To Reach Their Customers At Unique Times

Have you ever tried to walk around a busy city while your head is buried in your phone? If you have, chances are you’ve bumped into a few people.

Podcasts are another unique way to reach your customers during times when they’re normally disengaged. Driving a car? Cool, throw something over your Bluetooth speakers. Out on a run? Listening to an engaging story will make you go faster. On a plane without WiFi? You can definitely listen to the episode you downloaded ahead of time.

Basically, podcasts allow companies to reach their listeners at new times.

What Does Every Podcast Need?

Podcasts are a great way to reach your potential clients with a unique, compelling message. But what does every podcast need?

A great story.

That’s where Museum Hack can help. Our storytelling workshops are built to turn your team into stronger communicators. Find out more by emailing [email protected] or giving us a call at 1-800-210-9676. 

written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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