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In this selection of podcasts, we talk about start-up business tools, dinosaurs, entrepreneurship and of course, museums.

Nick, Mark and Dustin cover topics like:

  • What tools to we use to make our business run effectively?
  • Was the brontosaurus really made up?
  • How does using actors, actresses and comedians change the way people feel about the museum?
  • What is Butter Coffee, and how do you make it?

They are all available on our SoundCloud Channel, along with dozens of other sound bytes from our explorations of museums all around the world.


The Jeff Rubin Show talks with Museum Hack about Dinosaurs


Join Up Dots with Museum Hack’s Nick Gray: Episode 148


How To Do Your 20’s interviews Museum Hack: A Guide To Making Museums Fun Again



EntrepreneurOnFire: John Lee Dumas interviews Nick Gray about Museum Hack


Less Doing More Living: Ari Meisel With Nick Gray of Museum Hack


Do you have a podcast, and would like to do an interview with Museum Hack? Send us an email, we’d love to see if we can work together.

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