Pivotal Takes On Team Building at the Met and Rubin in New York City

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Earlier this year, Pivotal, a tech company that aims to transform the way big businesses approach software, came to us with a unique, but awesome team building request. Pivotal understands the value of employees connecting with each other outside the office. They wanted something a little different than just one afternoon of team building, and we were intrigued by their approach!


Pivotal puts together bi-weekly social hours for smaller groups of their employees. The company picks one event and hosts it several times over the course of a couple of months. Every other week, a different group of about ten employees is treated to the special activity. Once a quarter, Pivotal hosts a bigger, company-wide team building outing.

We had the perfect museum in mind for Pivotal’s smaller events! We set up several bi-weekly events at the Rubin Museum of Art. Each event mirrored what a typical Museum Hack team building tour of the Rubin would be. We treated Pivotal’s smaller groups to an hour and a half of incredible stories about the Buddhist art and objects that are housed in the museum. In addition to great stories, we led team building activities focused on outside-the-box creative thinking skills. Our Rubin events place a special emphasis on mindfulness in the workplace.

In between the smaller events, we also hosted Pivotal’s larger quarterly event. This time, we took Pivotal’s team into the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a 90-minute team building adventure. The evening at the Met was all about having fun as a team with games and challenges designed to get the group working together as a unit in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t at the office.

Pivotal’s employees had a great time together at the Rubin and Met this Spring!

“It was hilarious, educational, and incredibly engaging! I’ve been to the Met dozens of times, but I’ve never learned so much, or laughed so much. Seriously, everyone should experience it. It makes me wonder why this isn’t the default way to experience museums.”


written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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