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Danielle and Scott contacted us a few weeks ago requesting a private late night tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Together with eight of their friends, two of our top guides took them on a whirlwind evening tour of the Museum. They played a ton of interactive games and heard a bunch of juicy stories. The guides ended the tour with a sneak peek of the Met a few moments after it closed. 

VIP Private Tour in the Main Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe group in front of the Pharaoh in the Main Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

VIP Tour after hours in the MuseumA few moments after the Met closes, we took the group to see the Sculpture hall, which looks magical at night. 

Our Private tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are a completely unique and exciting way to experience the museum.

On tours, we often visit the:

  • American Wing
  • Contemporary Gallery
  • Asian Art Gallery
  • Temple of Dendur
  • European Art Gallery

See some more great photos from Danielle and Scott’s private tour:
Caroline telling a storyWe encourage our guest to talk and share stories during the tour: this is not a passive activity! 

Scott had the group laughing with his down to party objectScott had the group in stitches when he showed them his “Down To Party” object. 

Kate telling a story in the Metropolitan Museum of ArtKate telling a scandalous story.

Danielle posing like a piece from the collectionDanielle posing like a sketch she found in a gallery. 

NAP TIME. Just kidding, we never nap on tour. She is posing like the statue. NAP TIME. Just kidding. We never nap on our tours. This guest is posing like a sculpture. Dead on.
Babies! The guest has spotted something! A tour guest noticing a special detail in the painting. 

Group Photo in the Arms and Armory Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Group shot in the Arms and Armory Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Our private tours are fully customizable: we can be super in depth and educational diving deep into art history, or we can show you our favorite butts in the sculpture gallery, it is completely up to you. Just tell us before hand what you’d like and we will match you with the perfect guide. 


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