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A group from a large pharmaceutical company came on a team building tour with us last week, and we snapped a few great photos from the event!

Pfizer tour group with Museum Hack
Pfizer is ready for their Museum Hack tour!

Pfizer tour Metropolitan Museum Hack
Engaging Pfizer employees with fun ice breakers.
Pfizer team building scavenger hunt flyer activity
Scavenger hunts are a fun company bonding activity.
Pfizer team bonding living photos activity team building
Creating living photos engages and fosters bonding for employees.
Pfizer selfies on tour
Selfies encouraged!
Pfizer #MuseumHack team building living pictures polaroid
Polaroid of a Pfizer team member’s living picture. #MuseumHack
Pfizer team building contemplation tour attendees
Attendees get food for thought on our team building tours.
Pfizer living picture activity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Another Pfizer living picture in the Met.

Pfizer Living Picture activity at Met Pfizer tour activity group Pfizer Museum Hack guide in front of statue Pfizer tour group discussing paintings.

Pfizer tour happy employees
Happy Employees = Employee Retention!


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