Peter Vega Promoted To Audience Development Manager!

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We’re so excited to announce that Peter Vega has been promoted to Audience Development Manager!

In this role, Peter will be working closely with the Audience Development team to bring Museum Hack’s methods to more museums.

Museums are f***ing awesome.

What does our Audience Development team do, you ask?

They’re a team of super-museum ninjas that travel around the world to help museums create new content, strengthen existing programs, build social media prowess, reach new audiences, and increase relevance and engagement. Check out some of their work here, here, and here.

Peter with Wanda Screw and Chicago Tour Guide Sarah Dunnavant outside the Art Insitute of Chicago!

Here’s what Peter had to say about his new role:

“I’m looking forward to working with more museums (especially internationally!) to share how and why Museum Hack does Audience Engagement the way we do.”

Peter’s supervisor is Ethan Angelica, had this to say about Peter’s promotion:

“Peter brings an institutional knowledge of the museum world and a renegade spirit to make things happen that has infused our Audience Development wing with exciting energy and passion. He’s already helped us manage some of our more complicated projects and strategize around new offerings to help the museum world attract new adult audiences. Plus, his dog Roscoe is adorable and regularly makes appearances on team calls.”

Seriously, how cute is Roscoe?!

Peter got his BA from Manhattanville College in Social Studies Education and his master’s from New York University in Museum Studies.

Here are three things you probably didn’t know about Peter:

  • He has an adorable puppy named Roscoe (OK, you probably knew that, if you had read the previous quote).
  • He makes a delicious Old Fashioned and Sazerac and loves classic cocktails.
  • His favorite city to visit is New Orleans because of its amazing music, history, and delicious food. In Peter’s words: “Perfection!”

Congratulations, Peter, and thanks for everything you do to help spread the word that museums are f***ing awesome!

Want to find out more about our staff? Watch more of our interviews with our Museum Hack team here.

written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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