Peak-Ryzek: “Many thanks for a great tour, high energy, and lovely evening.”

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Museum Hack, founded in 2013, has become well known for our “unconventional” museum tours. Our guests do breathing exercises, play fun games, and hear the wildest stories about the museum’s secrets. And our public tours are great for tourists and locals: with group sizes from one to nine.

But if you have a larger group, e.g., a corporate team, then we have special tours for you. Our team building tours have a similar focus — they are fun!  And they are specially designed to help your team learn to communicate and work together better, so that when they get back to the office they can do their best work.

If your company already does team bonding, then you know the value of it. And you are in good company — our clients include Google, Spotify, Easy, and more.

Not long ago, we had a great group from Team Peak-Ryzek join us for a tour. It was a blast! Here is a testimonial:

We had great fun last night on our tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was terrific! Everyone enjoyed it- especially learning new things, and the musical surprise. Many thanks for a great tour, high energy, and lovely evening.

Pam S., Team Building Tour Guest with Peak-Ryzex

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Find out more about our corporate events. 

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