PBS Newshour: Engaging the Next Generation of Museum-Goers

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Museum Hack Featured on PBS NewsHour: Engaging the Next Generation of Museum-Goers

PBS has posted a great interview with a few of our awesome guides and founder, Nick Gray, to talk a little bit about what Museum Hack does, and why it is so important for inspiring a new flock of museum visitors. (Do you work at a Museum?)

Museum Hack explains how we get people to really love what they are seeing on a level they understand, We are moving from simply contemplating art to engaging with it in a contemporary way. 

“We’re going to get you to engage with the piece of art… take photos of your friends, we want you to take a selfies with something, we want you to throw something up on instagram, we want you to tweet about something..”
Ethan, Museum Hack Tour Guide

We want to get more young people into the museums, but the traditional way of doing things is not attracting them. We make the tours snazzy, fantastic and most of all interesting. How do we do it? By getting our audience to engage with the art, by talking with them in a language they not only understand but can relate to, and by being truly excited by what we are showing our crowds. Plus, we’re funny. (And modest.)

“Taking them to a piece like the amazing sculpture  Diana in the courtyard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  and how do we compare her to Kim Kardashian? How do we talk about object in the museum and put them in a light that people can understand and can laugh about.  It is creating these points of accessibility that only people to be excited and energized.” (Nick)

Our goal is to inspiring an entire generation of new museum-goers. We are excited at the possibility of working with museums to help them get new audiences. Let’s create interactive and enthralling places!!

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