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Since March, we have been offering zany and engrossing tours of New York City’s world-famous American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).  Our maverick tour guides navigate this massive 27-building, 1.6 million square foot landmark cultural institution. Learn the science and history behind the amazing animals, the stories of the badass adventurers that collected them, and the dirty little secrets that make AMNH like no other museum on earth!

“Seeing as how so much of the museum’s collection came directly from brazen scientific explorations, we try to approach our tours in the same fashion. In fact, I seldom refer to them as tours; I pretty much always call them two hour museum adventures.”

-Dustin Growick, Director of Dinosaur Studies at Museum Hack


With intimate groups of typically no more than eight guests at a time, attendees will truly receive the VIP treatment as they learn the ins, outs and often overlooked exhibits and artifacts of New York’s world famous American Museum of Natural History.

“This tour is fantastic if you love learning new things, but can’t seem to get excited about museums. The gossip, stories, and incredible risk of the explorers (like the guy who fought an elephant – what a MAN). The tiny details, hidden time capsules, and artistic liberties. I’m not a “museum guy,” but I still had a blast. It’s a ton of fun. I’d happily go again.“

-M. Williams


Each tour is a fast pace, interactive narrative complete with selfies, hashtags and juicy behind the scenes tidbits.


DINOSAURS! SCIENCE! ADVENTURE!  Can’t wait to come on along for the ride? Find out when our next tour is here! Or you can find out a little more about our tours of the American Museum of Natural History here

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