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We love great (and by great, we mean funny) art mash ups. These really rather silly blends of contemporary culture and ancient art are supremely funny. We thought we’d share them with you for your viewing pleasure! 


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The original sculpture can be found in the Greek and Roman Sculpture Hall at the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany (Source: Worth1000)


Everything is Made Better with Dinosaurs

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Lady with a Raptor

The original, Lady with an Ermine is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, painted in 1490. 


When She’s Not Saving the World 

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Wonder Woman bathing

The original painting by William Bouguereau is called “The Bather – Baigneuse.“ Bouguereau was an expert at painting nudes.  (Source: Worth1000) 


Bouguereau Hipster 

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Hipster with The Wave

This is another mash up of William Bouguereau. The original is called ”The Wave“ and was painted in 1896. (Source: Worth1000) 

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