7 Reasons Why our Bachelorette Party Tours are AWESOME

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Testimonials November 12, 2020 7 Reasons Why our Bachelorette Party Tours are AWESOME

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We always really appreciate it when a guest takes a bit of time to write us an in-depth review of why they enjoyed the tour! Recently, we had a fantastically fun group of ladies on tour Bachelorette Party Tour. One of the guest, Lindsay, wrote us a very sparkly review on Trip Advisor.

“Part of my sister’s bachelorette party was a MuseumHack tour, we had the tour on a Saturday afternoon and there were about 8 of us. Our wonderful tour guides were extremely fun, knowledgeable people. The tour itself was amazing and everyone had a great time. My sister is a serious art nerd, so she connected with our guides on a totally different level. It was quite a spectacle! She really had the best time…!”

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Our Museum Hack Tour Was AWESOME Because:

1) Scheduling with them was crazy easy. I had a point of contact that helped me with booking and payment. I was only required to put down a deposit to hold the date, but I was able to pay the rest of the amount due closer to the actual party, which gave me time to collect from the girls.

2) We were able to get a photographer through MuseumHack for an extremely reasonable price.

3) I was in touch with one of my tour guides (Jessye) weeks before the actual tour and told her about my sister and her interests. The tour was catered to my sisters art preferences and quirky humor.

4) Even though we had our tour on a Saturday afternoon in the summer, the crowds were there, but didn’t get in the way of our tour.

5) There was a little something for everyone on this tour, even us folk who aren’t extremely familiar with art.

6) We were able to get a wine pit stop during the tour. Alcohol before and during the tour was a great idea.

7) Our tour had a special guest! I won’t reveal what happened exactly in case you’re going on the tour, but it was beautiful and many of us later confessed that we almost cried. I definitely teared up.

All in all, this was awesome, the best, and amazing. Worth the money, worth the couple hours, worth the memories.“
-Lindsay H., Guest on Bachelorette Private Tour

Read the whole review on Trip Advisor.

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Want to plan a Bachelorette Party with us? They are sassy, classy and include a bunch of wine. Read more about the parties, or contact us to get planning!

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