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January 2015 was our busiest month ever at Museum Hack. We had the team all over the country working on special projects: from Massachusetts to California.

To celebrate our big wins, we pulled the Museum Hack staff together for a very special weekend at sea. We took a company retreat on a three day cruise. 

We want to share this with you not to gloat (even though it was a hell of a good time) but to talk about why doing events like these are so important in making our business unique and successful.

We used this off-site to inspire our own team and to brainstorm a bunch of new ideas. One of the essential components of Museum Hack is showing people how to have fun and how to enjoy their Museum experience.

What is the best way to teach this? Have a whale of a time, on a boat. Like some crazy art loving museum pirates. 


Our team at Museum Hack does not fit into the standard 9-to-5 office roles. We don’t actually get to see each other that often. We are darting around in different museums at varying times, traveling around the world talking about museums or running workshops, and working from different times zone on a multitude of projects. So something like this, where we get a ton of face time to let loose and connect, does wonders not only for morale, but for discussing ideas and advancing the company. 

We think events like these are important because as a startup we are moving and growing quickly. As we move into things like doing more museum consulting and special events, and expanding our tours to different cities, it is important that the whole team is on board and on the same page.


Want to find out more about Museum Hack? Check out our homepage, meet our team, or contact us for details. 

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