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Museum Hack specializes in customized corporate events for a variety of clients — from well-known department stores like Bloomingdale’s to Fortune Blue Ribbon companies like Accenture.  We help companies bring employees together as a team, all while having fun.  Our customized corporate events, fun activities, and workshops engage and inspire employees while (secretly) improving their skills in leadership, empathy, and communication.  

Our most popular corporate events are our team building adventures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  These customized tours explore the crazy gossip and unique stories hidden in the Met, all while fostering fun team bonding and revealing the hidden personalities of employees.

Read on to hear what recent corporate attendees had to say about their Museum Hack team building adventures.

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Accenture Consulting is a leading global professional services company that develops and implements technology solutions to improve their clients’ productivity and efficiency.  They know the importance of maximizing performance in order to achieve vision, and sought us out to help their team bond and increase productivity.  

We whisked them on a two-hour adventure to the hidden, awesome, and amazing places in the Met.  There, we helped them improve their skills with our “5 Elements of a Hack Story” workshop, unleash their creativity with hysterical polaroid photos in our Down to Party Challenge, and bond as a team amidst some of the most exquisite sculptures in the world.

“Our tour last week was fantastic! We have received really positive feedback that the event was: 1. Original and different (better than a boring happy hour!) and 2. Engaging – The guides were as entertaining as they were knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!”

-Allison Y. of Accenture Consulting

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Bloomingdale’s is America’s only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store.  They know that today’s economy calls for doers and thinkers — employees who are actively encouraged to participate and improve their company’s products and services.  They asked us to develop a customized team building tour of the Met to foster team bonding, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and a company culture that helps retain top talent and reduce burnout.

We whisked them on a Scavenger Hunt of the Met, where their team worked together to achieve a clear goal (in a fun way).  Through photo challenges, the Bloomingdalers unlocked clues and revealed secrets of specific locations in the Met, all while showcasing the unique talents of everyone on the team.

Great time. Thanks again!

-Jonathan P. of Bloomingdales

We love hosting service-oriented companies for team building events. To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us to [email protected].

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