Operations Manager

Hi, Museum Hack is hiring an awesome Operations Manager!

But this isn’t like other job searches...

We want to get to know you, and then figure out if we may be a great fit for working together - savvy?

First thing, what’s your name?

Hi, ! 😊

Here’s what’s up…

We are an NYC based company with $3 million+ annual revenue and 60+ team members - everyone works remotely.

And we want your help to keep transforming museum experiences around the world...

We know that the best candidates care about:

  1. Doing enjoyable work
  2. That actually matters
  3. With cool people
  4. In a stable role
  5. Where you are paid well

Does that sound right?

If you don’t really care about work culture or are just in this to make money, then we probably aren’t a good fit. Try Wall Street.

However, if = "cool to collaborate with and likes to get paid to work on meaningful stuff", then here’s why the Operations Manager role could be a perfect fit for you.

What we can offer you...

Unlimited high-fives! And also:

Doing Enjoyable Work 🎉

You make your own schedule and in many cases can choose your own projects. We trust you to do great work, and we love making it fun. This job post is fun… kind of, I mean it’s still a job post.

That Actually Matters ✊

Your work will directly support The Grand Mission: to help reimagine the adult museum experience around the world. We are already working with many of the greatest museums and companies to spread the good word: Museums Are F***ing Awesome! You will be part of that!

With Cool People 😎

Your colleagues are cool, even the CEO. We meetup for frisbee chats at the park, and have a Mr. Rogers channel for getting to know your remote-work neighbours. We try to give individual recognition for all the “small wins” that happen throughout the day; the kind of stuff that gets overlooked at giant companies and my entire childhood.

In a Stable Role 💼

You have the opportunity to grow with us. Many of our folks started as contractors or part time and now work in full-time roles or other promotions. This isn’t easy - we give ultra direct feedback on your performance, good or bad, and you will always have a fair chance to keep progressing.

Where You Are Paid Well 💰

Okay, real talk on money - we aren’t Google and we can’t pay you $150,000 per year or do all your laundry. We can promise: fair compensation for your skill and experience, including a competitive salary and a range of benefits. For full-time employees we have health insurance, plus fancy perks like massage and house cleaning credits. Museum Hack is a meritocracy and you will have the opportunity to create value and grow in your career, including pay raises, because $$$$ pays the bills.

"That was a lot of text" - 📖

Here are some quick videos from your potential new colleagues family.

Okay, time for the job details ✏️

This position is a full time role

The perfect person for this role has relentless grit and a get sh*t done attitude. You’ve worked as an operations coordinator, supervisor, or manager and want to put in the energy to accelerate your career (and the company you work for!) We need someone who can quickly understand our quirky company, manage a large number of operational logistics, help create compromises between business and guide needs, overcome roadblocks, and help our dynamic and creative team members grow.


  • You’re detail-oriented, and a fierce (a la Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, a company fave!), but kind, coach that inspires excellence
  • You initiate, not just react
  • Working closely with a talented group of people makes you really happy
  • You HATE the idea of only working at a desk
  • You’re a DOer, not just a Big Thinker
  • You think museums are f***ing awesome, and want to spread the good word
  • You’re cool with working the occasional night / weekend, and occasional travel
  • You have previous experience managing people (conducting quarterly reviews, training, hiring, firing, inspiring, transpiring, requiring…)
  • Are located in or around the NYC area or are willing to move here (you will regularly meet with team members in Manhattan)

Essential Skills

  • Super fast learner
  • Above average people person
  • Strong listener and great at asking the right questions
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Great coordinator of people & projects
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Fun & friendly
  • Excellent grasp of technology (Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and more specialized tools)
  • Negotiating

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage business operations! Including working with our Sales Manager and Marketing Manager to move the business forward. Example: Sales notices a market gap we could provide a solution for. You work with our team to turn that product into a reality
  • Scope out new potential locations, and gather info about fees, catering options, etc. Negotiate agreements as needed
  • “Eye in the sky” for our Renegade Tour Guide Department
  • Direct Manager for the City Leads in each major city (NYC, Chicago, DC, LA, SF)
  • Advocate for a fair balance between the needs of the guides and the business
  • Lead bi-weekly remote meetings with City Leads for all locations to communicate updates from Headquarters (HQ), new initiatives, projects, standards, training, plus much more!
  • Responsible for supporting, coaching, and empowering our City Leads in a way that allows City Leads to support and empower the Renegade Tour Guide guides. This responsibility includes discovering what team members need to be engaged + successful, and working with City Leads to make it happen!
  • Extra emphasis on discovery of needs! You’ll need to hear/recognize our teams’ needs and initiate the best action/solution for the situation. Also, stay organized and follow-up to ensure completion
  • Assist with guide onboarding and new hire orientation. You will be the mastermind scheduler/planner and work to set City Leads up for success in training new hires
  • You’ll work closely with Museum Hack’s leadership team to ensure guides are well supported for new projects, training schedules, etc.
  • Mediate conflicts, ensure company policy compliance, encourage well-being, and generally motivate and inspire our guides
  • Staff scheduling; find creative solutions to scheduling
  • Handle customer service issues and concerns

So, , what do you think? Could you be our new Operations Manager?