17 Top Online Talent Show Ideas for Work

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Team Building Resources February 01, 2023 17 Top Online Talent Show Ideas for Work

Here is our list of the best online talent show ideas for work.

Online talent show ideas are fun activities where employees get to perform their best talents. Examples include Fruit Carving, Card Houses, and Ventriloquist Acts. These talent shows help workers relax, boost employee interaction, and create a fun work environment.

Online talent shows are team building activities that are great online celebrations ideas, spirit week ideas, or team social ideas for the workplace.

This list includes:

  • quick and easy online talent show ideas
  • online talent show ideas for the untalented
  • one minute online talent show ideas

Let’s get into it!

List of online talent show ideas for work

From Juggling Acts to Painting to Pogo Stick Tricks, here is our list of the best virtual workplace talent show ideas.

1. Juggling Act

Juggling Acts are among the best quick and easy online talent show ideas. In this activity, performers enthrall their audience by juggling balls at high speeds. This act makes it nearly impossible for observers to remember how many balls the juggler started with.

You can juggle for your talent show act using tennis balls for better grip, but if you feel confident, you can use plates or clubs to entertain colleagues. To master this performance, you may want to practice several days or weeks before the virtual meeting to prevent accidents or injuries.

2. Fruit Carving

Fruit carving is a fun activity where performers carve fruits into odd shapes. For this performance, you can carve fruits into different shapes, patterns, or designs. The trick is a sharp knife and light touches as you slowly scrape layers off the fruit.

To give your teammates an outstanding performance during the talent show, you can share an image of a fruit carving online, then replicate it on screen. You may even set a timer to make your act even more challenging.

3. Whistle a Tune

If you can hold a tune, then consider whistling for your talent show performance. Many colleagues cannot whistle, so you can impress your team by whistling an entire song. To prepare for this performance, choose one of your favorite songs. Practice whistling whenever you can, like in the car or while doing the dishes.

You may even combine this act with some dancing to make it more entertaining and increase your chances of winning the talent show.

4. Painting

Painting is an excellent online talent show idea because it allows employees to express their deepest emotions and show off their skills.

For this performance:

  1. Get painting supplies. Examples include a mini canvas, pencils, brushes, and paint.
  2. Meet colleagues via video call.
  3. Paint whatever comes to mind, or ask your audience to suggest any prompt or idea for you to paint.
  4. Set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes.
  5. Paint following the given prompt, or let your imagination lead.
  6. Once the timer is up, display your art for all to see.

You may also keep the mood alive by playing soft music that may calm and inspire you as you paint. Painting can serve as an opportunity for you to ease stress and express your emotions.

5. Fold Towel Animals

Folding Towel Animals is one of the best online talent show ideas for the untalented. You can participate in this game by trying to shape large towels into different animals.

To give this talent idea a competitive edge, you can ask your colleagues to name an animal for you to depict with towels. You may also practice shaping specific animals and give the audience options to choose from. Shaping these towels may end up being complex, so it is important that you practice regularly. To make this idea even more fun, you can set a timer and scramble against the clock to fold up the towels. You can even fold more than one animal and have your coworkers guess what towel animals you made.

6. Magic Performance

Magic Performances are engaging talent show ideas where employees get to show off various magic tricks. Some easy tricks you can replicate include card, hat, and coin.

For this idea:

  1. Change your background image to reflect the magic theme.
  2. Choose an appropriate costume for the act.
  3. Meet coworkers on any video conferencing platform for the talent show.
  4. Perform a magic trick.
  5. Take advantage of lighting and sounds for your act.

You may use sound effects to add dramatic elements to your acts. These effects will help make your acts as realistic as possible. You may also add funny features to your magic tricks by making it evident that the magic trick is not real. A great idea is to dramatically pull a stuffed bunny from a hat and act shocked.

7. Yoga Stances

Yoga Stances are excellent talent show ideas for fitness enthusiasts at work. For this idea, you will need a yoga mat and an outfit allowing flexibility. It is important that you also set your camera so you can perform comfortably on your mat and remain in full view of your colleagues.

You can make your act a little more challenging by creating a slideshow of different yoga stances, then share this file using the share screen feature and replicate these poses. Ensure that you practice beforehand so you can move in sync with the slideshow’s timer. This seamless performance is an easy way to score points and stand out during the talent show.

8. Cardboard Houses

Cardboard Houses are fun and challenging talent show ideas for employees. In this activity, you will need to build or replicate the image of a house using only cardboard.

To organize this show:

  1. Gather your supplies. You will need cardboard, pens, paint, staplers, and glue.
  2. Meet using video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.
  3. Share the image of the house you plan to replicate with colleagues.
  4. Set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes.
  5. You must attempt to complete your act before the timer runs out.
  6. If you have enough time left, then you can paint the cardboard house using eye-catching colors.
  7. Once the timer runs out, place the cardboard house in full view of the camera, showing colleagues different views of the structure.

You can also add some fancy touches or designs to this craft to score extra points. This talent show idea is fun and inclusive, as it does not require much skill or any exceptional talent.

9. Cake Decoration

Cake Decorations are one of the best talent show ideas for workers because they allow employees to show off their creativity.

For this activity:

  1. Get a small plain cake, decoration tools, icing, food coloring, and flavoring.
  2. Meet using any video conferencing software.
  3. Set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes.
  4. Create different icing flavors and colors with the available materials.
  5. Decorate the cake using a flattering color scheme.
  6. Once the timer runs out, show all the angles of the cake for the host to judge.

You can check on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration to decorate your cake. You may also develop simple, original, and unique decoration patterns that your audience will love.

10. Imitations

Imitations are exceptional talent show ideas where employees can pretend to be their colleagues or popular figures like movie stars. This laughter-filled talent idea will create a light-hearted environment where your coworkers can ease stress and enjoy themselves.

For the perfect imitation, it may be a great idea to find costumes to match the style of the character you plan to imitate. You can get accessories such as wigs, eyeglasses, or even make-up to better fit into character. You may then surprise your colleagues by imitating their tone and character during a group video call.

11. Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is a fun activity where players continuously swirl a rubber ring around their waist. You can dance, sing, and even perform tricks while hula hooping.

It is important that you start slow with simple swirls of the ring around your waist. Then, you may progress into more difficult endeavors by dancing or performing tricks with the hoop around your waist.

12. Jump Rope Tricks

Jump Rope Tricks are excellent activities for online shows because most folks know how to jump rope. It is best to set up a camera outside during the meeting to avoid any injuries or accidents in your home.

To jump rope as your talent, you can decide to jump a number of times within a chosen time frame or perform different tricks to wow your audience. For the former, you simply need to set a timer and decide the number of times you can jump within the given timeline. For the latter, look up exciting jump rope techniques and show off your skills!

13. Improvised Poetry

Improvised Poetry is one of the best one minute online talent show ideas because you must create a poem from scratch within a given time frame. This idea is an excellent way to test your creativity and surprise your coworkers during virtual talent shows.

To organize this show:

  1. Meet using video conferencing platforms like Zoom.
  2. Colleagues will give the performer a random word.
  3. Set a timer for 60 seconds.
  4. Create a poem on the spot, starting with the given word.
  5. Complete the poem before the timer runs out.

This act is difficult to prepare for, as it is impossible to determine which word your colleagues will choose. Therefore, it is best that you practice speed instead to ensure that you can complete the challenge within the given time. It is also important that you make perfect use of rhymes to score points.

14. Poetry Reading

Poetry Readings are excellent talent show ideas because they allow performers to express their thoughts and emotions. For this act, you will need to prepare captivating poetic verses before the talent show. For example, you may write a poem of love, anger, or passion, or craft one that tells a story.

When you meet your colleagues on the video call, you will read the prepared poem with the appropriate tone and body language for effective translation. The host will then judge your act for clarity, rhymes, and presentation style.

15. Ventriloquist Act

Ventriloquist Acts are wonderful talent show ideas for virtual teams. With this act, you can bring inanimate objects to life with your voice. You can sing, tell a story, or crack a joke.

For a ventriloquist act, you will need a stuffed toy or puppet to project your voice. You may also dress up to match your puppet for the complete effect. It is important to note that a good ventriloquist act is one where your puppet seems to have individual characteristics or a mind of its own.

16. Singing

Singing is one of the most common talent show ideas, and teammates can add this activity to their online talent show. Employees can sing individually or in groups.

For this show:

  1. Choose colleagues to perform with.
  2. Choose a song to perform from a curated list.
  3. Rehearse before the main show.
  4. Meet on video call for the talent show.
  5. Entertain your audience with a good song.

It is important that you choose a song that you are comfortable singing. For a comedic twist, you may even attempt yodeling or singing opera music.

17. Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo tricks are great online talent show ideas because they are fun and cost very little. To perform these tricks, you will need to get yo-yos. You can get different colors or opt for the yo-yos that glow in the dark for a breathtaking effect. For this trick, you will need to block out lights in your room while on a video call and bounce the toy in fun tricks to entertain your coworkers.


Online talent shows are great ways to make online meetings fun and engaging. These ideas keep employees entertained and improve interactions among remote workers.

These talent shows also help to boost employee morale, reduce burn-out, and increase productivity. When organizing online talent shows, choosing activities that suit your team and encouraging employees to participate in activities they feel comfortable with is important.

Next, check out our lists of virtual party games, online fun Friday activities, and virtual game show ideas.

FAQ: Online talent show ideas for work

Here are frequently asked questions about online talent show ideas.

What are online talent show ideas?

Online talent show ideas are fun activities you can organize to build better relationships among remote employees. The show serves as an opportunity to showcase employees’ talents and share skills they may have in common.

How do you throw a remote talent show?

To throw a remote talent show, you will need to choose a video conferencing platform that can accommodate your team and suits the purpose of your gathering. Platforms like Gatheround, Zoom, or Google Meet work best for this purpose. It is also important that you set a date and time for the show, giving employees ample time to prepare.

When you set a date for the event, you may then choose different talent categories like style, art, music, or drama for employees to showcase their talents in. The team members can perform rehearsed or improvised acts within a given timeline. You may organize a panel of judges or use the live polls feature on the platform. You may also choose to award winners with prizes.

What are some good online talent show ideas?

Some good online talent show ideas include Singing, Ventriloquist Acts, and Magic Performances.

Why should you have an online talent show?

You should have an online talent show to help give your employees a proper work-life balance. These talent shows help employees loosen up and enjoy themselves. This activity also helps boost morale and improve employee relationships.

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