The One Thing Your Office Needs: To Get Out of the Office

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Five great reasons to get your team out of the office:

1. It helps your team bond.

Your team spend the majority of their time together, but that time is spent completing tasks and projects, not actually getting to know one another. Getting outside the office and doing something fun gives them the opportunity to get to bond over non-work related topics.

Group ready for Museum Hack tour
All hands in for team building!


2. It improves communication

When team members are trapped at their desks, open communication can be stunted. Looming workloads and never ending interruptions ruin the ability to focus and effectively share ideas.

Everything changes once your outside the office! In less formal situations, communication skills open right up, and team members learn how to talk, and relate, with each other in new ways.

Staff on the rooftop of the Met
Improve communication with a breath of fresh air.

3. New spaces can be inspirational

Outside the office, a whole new world opens up to your team and they’ll start seeing inspiration in the things that surround them. Whether it’s a piece of art, a bunch of dinosaur bones, or just some new faces, new situations inspire new ideas.

Discussion group in the Met
Inspire employees with intimate discussions in the museum.

4. It stimulates creativity

Four out of ten (38%) of employees said they felt more creative when working out of the office (a report by Microsoft for Anywhere Working found in 2012).

Creativity is often stifled by workloads and monotony. Getting out of the office into a new space often increases your team’s focus, resulting in more efficient and creative teams.

Fun art museum activity group
Stimulate creativity with engaging activities.

5. Out of office time can be restorative

We all know that when things get heated, it’s important to break the scene to get a new perspective.  A walk in a quiet place (might we suggest a museum?) allows the mind to relax and gear down for a while, giving us a rest we need before heading back to the office.

Your team members have to balance priorities, distractions, stress and deadlines all the time. At the end of an intense project or quarter, help your team celebrate and loosen up by bringing them to somewhere completely new and fun. It will help them release stress and feel more recharged.

Group on Museum Hack tour
Have some fun in the museum with us!


Remember, sometimes your team just needs a break. After long project, a long quarter, or a tough project, a break might just be exactly what the your team needs, like hitting the reset button.

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