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Have you ever wanted to jam with us in NYC and learn our secrets to successful audience engagement?

Now you can!

Join us for an one-day Audience Engagement Workshop for museum professionals on March 5, 2017. We’ll spend the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City discussing and practicing our tips and tricks for creating memorable museum experiences and starting a powerful viral loop with your visitors.  You’ll also get to explore the juicy gossip and hidden backstories of the world-renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Museum Hack Audience Engagement Workshop - participant speaking about a painting

In this five-hour workshop, you’ll join museum professionals from around the world as we spark innovative and creative thinking about how to attract and engage audiences of all ages.  Based on our own training program, this workshop offers a framework by which you can begin to incorporate our techniques into your museum spaces to bring in new audiences and re-engage with existing ones. 

We’ll approach the Metropolitan Museum of Art from a narrative perspective and dig for the non-traditional, and truly human, elements of spaces and objects in order to tell fascinating, passion-based stories and create stronger connections between your audiences and institution.  You will learn and practice:

  • Proven approaches to executing a passion-based storytelling format for creating engaging interactions with objects, exhibitions, and spaces.
  • Creation of tour structure that acknowledges pacing and elements that ensure a dynamic experience that appeals to all visitors.
  • Interactive and inquiry-based games and activities that utilize technology and the expertise of your audience to re-energize visitors in exhibition spaces.

Kate discussing a prehistoric venus on tour


Museum Hackers are gregarious, dynamic, and engaging storytellers who bring their own personality, style, experience, and excitement to every museum adventure.  We’ll begin the workshop with an introduction to who we are and what we do in museums.  Our VIP Guides will demonstrate and model techniques to quickly read and engage audiences so as to immediately earn trust, credibility, and buy-in from your visitors.

Next, you’ll learn How to Hack.  While Museum Hack tours are driven by passion, we have developed techniques that create dynamic experiences for our visitors.  In this section, we will demonstrate and practice creating engaging tours.  This will include:

  • Hack Tour Structure – How to use interaction and participation at varied levels of intensity to encourage audience participation in the creation and meaning of their museum experience.
  • 5 Elements of a Hack – our five-step technique for creating a successful “hack” of an exhibit, space, or object.  We’ll walk through these elements with you, demonstrate the technique on a piece in the Met’s collection, and give participants the chance to experiment constructing narratives about their favorite things in nearby galleries.

After demonstrating successful object hacks, we’ll move on to Activities in the Museum. Many of today’s visitors want a more participatory experience, where they feel invested in the stories and spaces of the museum.  We’ve developed a series of engaging activities that help visitors look closer, make personal connections with objects, and have a lot of fun in exhibition spaces.  This section will include:

  • How to encourage visitors to verbalize their feelings in an open and non-threatening environment.
  • Techniques that encourage visitors to safely explore the museum kinesthetically, enabling them to participate in fun missions, connect with objects on display, and discuss the stories behind the objects and the museum.
  • Technology-based games and activities that keep visitors engaged and learning, and given them the tools to continue exploring and making connections long after the tour is over.

We’ll finish the workshop with celebratory coffee or beer/wine in the American Wing, with time for Q&A with our facilitators.

Still curious as to how our Workshop can benefit you? Hear what Frith Williams of the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa said about her workshop experience:


Ready for the challenge?  Reserve your slot now to join our exclusive One-Day Workshop for Museum Professionals in New York City!

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Please note that this Workshop is specifically for museum staff, who work with audiences in museums and historic sites.  Students in museum studies or related fields are also welcome to join. 

Cost per participant is $300, and includes all museum admissions and entrance fees, as well as celebratory coffee or beer/wine in the American Wing.  Participants are responsible for all other related costs, including travel, lodging, and meals not provided by Museum Hack.

Registration is limited and ends February 26, 2017.  

Want a Customized Workshop at Your Museum?

For questions on providing a customized professional development workshop for your museum’s staff, please contact us.

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