NYC Tour Guides Having a Blast in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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You can’t really show other people how to have fun in the museum without being able to have a ton of fun yourself. 

A few days ago, we had a massive team building event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a large company (118 people! See the prep video here). 

Because there were so many people, we had all hands on deck. After the tour, our NYC Tour Guides took a handful of hilarious photos.

Here are some photos the group took in the American Wing. 

NYC Museum Hack  Tour Guides looking damn fineNYC Tour Guide Team Photo in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The two sexiest men on our Museum Consulting TeamEthan and Dustin: the two cutest men on our Audience Development Team 

Emily, Kate, Nora, Kelly and Michelle are alway on the lookout for something newEmily, Kate, Nora, Kelly and Michelle are always on the look out for the new and fabulous. 

Massages are happening in the backgroundThere are totally massages happening in the back of this team line up.

The NYC Team Being Ridiculous. They know how to take a group photoSo. Many. Things. Happening. The NYC Tour Guides know how to take a great team photo. 

Nick Gray Making a Testimonial Video for our Youtube channel Nick Gray, Founder of Museum Hack, taking a testimonial video to put on our YouTube Channel (you can see it here.

Mark Kennedy doing a sexy power pose Saturday Night Fever StyleMark Kennedy, our head of Corporate Sales, doing a fantastic Saturday Night Fever inspired power pose. 

Max and Priya being an impossible cute coupleMax and Priya are two classically trained musicians who work with our team for special events. 

Group Cheer PrepReady…set…..

Muuuuuuuseums! Muuuuuuuuuseums! 

We’d love to see you on tour with us! Find out more about our Corporate Events or Private tours.  

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