NYC Pride Enjoys Big Gay Met Team Building Tour

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Last month, we had the honor of introducing our brand new Big Gay Met tour to a group from NYC Pride, a local organization dedicated to creating a future without discrimination.

NYC Pride wanted to enjoy a team building adventure that would be fun and rejuvenating for staff, but they still wanted an experience with content that appealed to their group’s mission. It was the perfect opportunity to feature some of the elements from our Big Gay Met tour, which celebrates the incredible and awesome queer history that’s packed into the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Guests pose in front of a rainbow wall during our Big Gay Met tour.
Guests from another group pose in front of a rainbow wall during our Big Gay Met tour.

We planned a custom museum experience for NYC Pride’s group of 20. The hybrid team building and Big Gay Met tour revealed the best, most intriguing stories of LGBTQ history the museum has to offer, while still mixing in some of the other fascinating, scandalous tales hidden in the Met’s halls.

NYC Pride’s group enjoyed some of our favorite team building activities, including an amazing team scavenger hunt. We broke the group down into smaller teams that competed against each other to uncover the best answers to our custom scavenger hunt questions the fastest. It’s a great way to get team members communicating with each other and interacting with the art while tapping into their competitive spirits. The winning team went home with an awesome prize. At the end of the tour, the entire group gathered together to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine.

NYC Pride loved their morning of team building at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with us, and we loved showing them the amazing LGBTQ history hidden in plain sight in the museum.

“It was AWESOME!!! We got a great deal of compliments from the team on Saturday and after. Thank you so much!” – Maria from NYC Pride

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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